Simple ways to stop the cakey foundation

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The makeup is the thing that helps you in having an amazing appearance when you have applied them properly but when you don’t know how to apply them properly then that portraits you in the ugliest way. As you think makeup is not the simple thing to get perfect results on its first time, only with the continuous application you get to know how to wear the makeup products correctly. Especially when you didn’t apply the foundation properly that spoils your overall makeup, so get to know the foundation application. But still, even though you have applied in the right manner most of the time you may get a cakey appearance it is common and there are ways for fixing cakey foundation on your face. If you don’t have an idea about it, in the below paragraph it is explained.

Few ways to stop cakey foundation;

Moisturize your skin

At every time you are cleansing your face removes the essential oils of the skin, due to this your skin may get dry and this may be one of those reasons for getting a cakey-appearance after foundation application. Because due to lack of moisture the foundation you are wearing is not sit properly on your skin. To avoid it you can make use of a good moisturizer before applying any kind of makeup product to make them settle on your face.

foundation type


When you build a home before painting probably you will give the primer coat on your wall because this primer helps you in getting an even surface and also help you in long last your paint. The thing is similar in makeup when you make use of the primer before wearing a foundation that helps you in keeping the makeup for a long time, by this you can avoid a cakey appearance.

Foundation type

There are a few types in the foundation, each one of them is produced for particular purposes. Remember based on the skin type, you have to pick the foundation if you want the even look. For example, if you have dry skin there you should prefer the creamy foundation because that helps your skin by securing the moisture content. Not only the type, pick the right shade of foundation to have a good look. When you have any doubt you can approach the experts or makeup artist.

Final verdicts

You can stop foundation from getting cakey through following the above ways but basic of all the thing is you have to grasp knowledge on wearing the makeup before having it.

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