Using loofah on the face is safe?

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Usage of loofah is increasing these days but not everyone is using them with the proper knowledge. This is the worst thing about using the loofah, but not the only loofah when you using something on your face you should be very much aware of it to avoid damaging the sensitive skin of your face. You can make use of loofah below the neck but using loofah on a face is not advisable. In this vase, if you are looking to use them on face better you can consult the doctor before using them to safeguard your skin from getting damaged.

Why not use a loofah on the face?

faceThe loofah will have a rough surface that can help you in removing the dirt and dead cells on the skin, it is fine to make use of them over your body but it is not good to be used on the face. Because they are abrasive like your physical scrub, in this case, on using them on to your face you may get scars and irritation. This is the reason why it is now advisable for cleaning face with a loofah. In case, you are using them on your face prefer the one which contains the chemical exfoliates like glycolic acid, not the one containing the walnuts exfoliates or others. Because they are harsh exfoliates on your face.

Few disadvantages of using loofahs on a face;


The most common disadvantage of using the loofah on the face is the users get to experience the irritations so easily. In some of the people, you can see the inflammation or redness over the face that is because of loofah usage over the face.

Transfer of bacteria

You are using the loofah throughout your body in this case when you are using them on your face there is a chance of transferring bacteria from other parts of the body to the face. Due to this, they may cause certain skin infections on your face. This is one of those worst disadvantages of using loofah over the face.

Fungal infection

The sponge of loofah is an amazing ground for fungi to manipulate, in that case, when you use them unknowingly there is a chance of getting a fungal infection in your face or other parts of the body.

Final thoughts

Using the loofah or not is completely depends on the choice of a person but before start using them try to know every cons of using them on your face to make the right decision.

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