Simple ways to attach the rhinestones on nails

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In general, girls like to style their fingers and in styling them they put so many efforts into them and also buy various nail accessorize things to make them cute. One of that nail accessorizes thing is rhinestones which are used to accessorize the nail, most of the girls know about the rhinestones. But they don’t have a clear idea about how to attack those rhinestones on their nail. Usually making rhinestones stay on the nail is not that tough thing, here are the ideas are given through which you can attach the rhinestones on your nails;

Nail coating

The rhinestones are the smaller thing which going to sit on your nail but they don’t have any support to adhere in that case to help them you can make use of your nail polish itself. First, put two coatings of nail polish over your nails and let them dry. After drying again put a thick layer of nail polish and now attach those rhinestones on the nails, allow it for 1-2minutes to make them settle on your nails. Finally, follow another layer of topcoat over the rhinestones.

Nail glue

You can find the nail glue in the cosmetic stores buy them for attaching rhinestones to attach to your nails. Over the nail polish apply a dot of glue and attach the rhinestones to it. To attach them correctly you can make use of tweezers or orangewood sticks, remember the nail glue dries so quickly. Apply another coat of nail polish over the entire nail.

nail coating

Gel polish

You can also make use of gel polish because that helps you in keeping rhinestones on the nail. Over the second coat of gel polish, you can attach the rhinestones, the sticky layer of gel polish help the rhinestones to adhere to the nails.

Final verdicts

Attaching the rhinestones is a simple thing when you are the one who doesn’t even have an idea just follows any of these steps to attach the rhinestones on nails.

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